Almost from the beginning of the pandemic, the Joint Council of Taxpayer’ Associations of Long Beach Island (of which the BLTA is a member) established a fund to help those in need within their communities through individual donations as well as contributions from other taxpayer associations and the business community. We are proud to say that our members contributed $7000 to this fund and the BLTA added $1000 to the effort for a total contribution of $8000 – the highest on the island – thank you!

Recently, the JCTA unanimously approved an additional $1,500 contribution to the St. Francis Human Concerns Food Pantry for families impacted by the pandemic, according to its officials.

The St. Francis food pantry is currently feeding 60 families per week, and the need continues to grow,” JCTA officials said, noting to date the organization has been able to provide the pantry with 400 gift cards from a variety of grocery stores for a total of $10,000.

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